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kód produktu: VFFOTO42

UV filter VFFOTO PS 49 mm

  • optical glass of high quality
  • transparency over 99.4%
  • the latest nanolayers
  • 12 antireflective layers
  • design frame made of aluminium alloy

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Podrobné informace

UV filter absorbs the ultraviolet radiation which is usually the main cause of a hazy and unclear photograph in exterior. This UV filter is multipurpose and it is suitable for a colorful as well as for a black and white photograph. The filter also protects the lens constantly against water, grease and scratching.

UV VFFOTO filters marked like as PREMIUM SERIES are devoloped, designed and completed in the Czech Republic. The components are being produced in China.
Not only that they are equipped with 12 antireflective layers (6 on each side) but also they contain new 3+3 nanolayers with the most developed functions: improved resistance to scratching, water-resistance, improved resistance to grease, easier cleaning.
All of the filters in this series are produced using the first-class optical glass Schott B270 (more information about this glass can be found here).
UV filters of this series are designated especially for digital cameras, but they can be also used for classical cine film reflex cameras.

UV filter VFFOTO PS 49 mm - specifications
 used glass optical glass Schott B270
 average transparency 99.42% (max. value 99.8%)
 material of the frame aluminium alloy
 thickness of the glass 0.9 mm +/- 0.1 mm
 height of the frame after screwing 3.5 mm - slim
 number of antireflective layers 12 (6+6)
 nanolayers yes
 weight of the filter 7.5 g
 use of ordinary lens cap yes
 rear thread M 49 x 0.75 mm
 frontal thread yes

Why you should decide for the VFFOTO PS UV filter:
  1. 12 (6+6) antireflective layers of high quality = the minimization of objectionable reflections,
  2. closing external treatment of the filter using nanolayers = resistance against water, scratching and impurities, these layers improve the mechanical as well as the physical qualities of the glass Schott B270,
  3. original optical glass of high quality = it preserves even the finest details of the contours without having an impact on sharpness,
  4. high transparency of the glass up to 99.8% = minimization of the loss of the light,
  5. low design frame = it provides no vignetting, it can be used with the ordinary lens cap, it is suitable for wide angel lenses as well as for telephoto lenses,
  6. a special hydrofobic treatment causes that the water drops are not spilling over but they are forming balls = the drop slips from surface by itself or it can be blowed out using the blowing balloon,
  7. excellent price-quality ratio = a satisfied customer who will turn back,
  8. precisely manufactured = reliability,
  9. possibility to exchange the glass in casew of its damage,
10. 10 years guarantee - the final quality check of each piece takes place in the Czech Republic.

VFFOTO´s recommendation:
We recommend the series of VFFOTO PS UV filters for those who are looking for a filter with an excellent price-performance ratio.
This filter is suitable even for the best lenses with the focal length of 17-800 mm (recalculated on full frame) from companies such as Canon, Nikon, Carl-Zeiss, Leica, Hasselblad, Olympus, Pentax, Fuji, Sony etc.

Evaluation of the picture in atelier - color shift (color temperature set to 3600 K for both images):

Evaluation of the picture in atelier - the details (100% magnification without sharpening):

light transmission graph of VFFOTO UV PS filter

Další informace

10 years guarantee
the repair of the broken filter is 50% off of the filters current price for the members of VFFOTO club


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