Night Sky filter VFFOTO magnetic Night Sky filters VFFOTO magnetic NIGHT SKY filter VFFOTO GS 62 mm
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kód produktu: VFFOTO328

magnetic NIGHT SKY filter VFFOTO GS 62 mm

  • high quality optical glass
  • the latest nanolayers
  • 14 antireflective layers
  • magnetic frame
  •  indispensable to night photo

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Tento produkt není samostatně funkční celek, ke správnému fungování je třeba použít ještě dodatečný produkt, např. - adapter for magnetic filters VFFOTO 62 mm nebo magnetic UV filter VFFOTO GS 62 mm
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Podrobné informace

Magnetic NIGHT SKY filter VFFOTO GS 62 mm – easily, quickly and with no screw!

The new VFFOTO system uses a thin magnetic adaptor which is screwed on the end of the lens and a special photographic filter in a magnetic frame which can be attached to the adapter only by putting it on.

As an alternative to the screwing photofilters, the magnetic filters can be changed quickly and easily. You just need to put the filter closer to the adapter which is at the end of the lens and it will be fastened immediately. And you can take it off easily as well. This is a solution for everyone who has a problem with screwing when changing the filters.

What makes the magnetic filters VFFOTO so special? It is their simplicity. Instead of two adapters that you can usually find in case of some similar systems (one is at the end of the lens and the other one on the regular photographic filter), in case of the VFFOTO filter, the photographic filter represents directly the counterpart to the adapter. Or there can be even more photographic filters as it is possible to place them in layers and to attach more photographic filters at the same time (i.e. polarizing filter together with an ND filter). You can also easily use the original lens hood delivered from the producer of the lens together with the attached magnetic filters.

New magnetic filters can not be combined with current screwing filters as they represent a completely different system. We will be producing both types of the filters simultaneously so that our customers can always choose either screwing or magnetic filters.

NIGHT SKY filter VFFOTO GS is a special typ of filter which is ableable to remove a substantial portion of, in particular, yellow to orange light (with a maximum of about 580 nm wavelength), thereby darkening the sky and increasing the contrast and visibility of the stars even in areas with light pollution. It filters out a significant amount of yellow light in particular, shifting colors to colder shades.
F-stop reduction -0.5 EV.
There is no observable effect on the sharpness of the drawing and submission of details.

The advantage over the additional removal of the colored luminous veil on the computer? Essential - the filter on the lens will filter the yellow veil in front of the sensor and thus non-destructive. Editing captured images on a PC always means to lose some of the captured image information.

In addition to night photography NIGHT SKY filter can be used for impressive images in autumn colors. It intensifies the shades of red in particular and reduces the intensity of the yellow.

Use of NIGHT SKY filter VFFOTO GS:
Clearly for landscaping photographers when shooting landscapes with night sky and night city photographers or for daytime shots in autumn colors.

What does the NIGHT SKY filter VFFOTO GS do not want?

  •  Allowing you to take pictures of the sky with hundreds of stars right in the city. Will not allow! There is such a high level of illumination (including scattered) in the city that only a few brightest stars remain visible in the sky.
  • To filter out light pollution from a variety of sources evenly. Does not filter! Light pollution consists of a mixture of different wavelengths between about 570-610 nm. The NIGHT SKY VFFOTO filter is the most effective for wavelengths around 580 nm, less filters light from 590 nm above, ie the red component (600 nm - releases about 25%).

NIGHT SKY VFFOTO filters marked as GOLDEN SERIES  are developed, designed and completed in the Czech Republic. The components are being produced in China.
Not only that they are equipped with 14 antireflective layers (7 on each side) but also they contain new 3+3 nanolayers with the most developed functions: improved resistance to scratching, water-resistance, improved resistance to grease, easier cleaning.
Filters of this series are designated especially for digital cameras.

magnetic NIGHT SKY filter VFFOTO GS 62 mm - specifications
 used glass high quality didymium optical glass
 thickness of the glass 0.9 mm +/- 0.05 mm
 height of the frame after mounted 3.4 mm - slim
 material of the frame aluminium, magnet
 number of antireflective layers 14 (7+7)
 nanolayers yes
 weight of the filter 19 g
 frontal thread special size - 63 mm
 time extension of 0.5 EV

What can the filter NIGHT SKY VFFOTO do - exterior:

Why you should decide for magnetic NIGHT SKY filter VFFOTO GS:
  1. very fast use and replacement of the filter without screwdriving,
  2. 14 (7+7) antireflective layers of high quality = minimization of reflections and improved contrast,
  3. closing external treatment of the filtr using nanolayers = resistance against water, scratching and impurities, easy cleaning,
  4. unique optical glass of high quality = it preserves even the finest details of the contours without having an impact on sharpness,
  5. a special hydrophobic treatment causes that the water drops are not spilling over but they are formings ball = the drops slips from surface by itself or in can be blowed out using the blowing ballon, thus it prevents the picture from damage (splodge) that can be caused by one drop of water,
  6. low design magnetic frame = it provides no vignetting, it is suitable for ultrawide angle lenses as well as for telephoto lenses,
  7. glass filter doesn´t create static electricity = it doesn´t magnetize dust like plastic (resin) filters,
  8. excellent price-quality ratio = a satisfied customer, who will turn back,
  9. precisely manufactured =  reliability,
10. very slight loss of light - only 0.5 EV,
11. an opportunity to change the glass in case of its damage,
12. 10 years guarantee - the final quality check of each piece takes place in the Czech Republic.

Other ways to use NIGHT SKY filter VFFOTO:

light transmission graph of VFFOTO NIGHT SKY filter
VFFOTO´s recommendation:
The VFFOTO GS filters series is designated especially for those who seek for quality without compromise.
This filter can be recommended even for the best lenses with the focal length of 24-800 mm (recalculated on full frame) from companies such as Canon, Nikon, Carl-Zeiss, Leica, Hasselblad, Olympus, Pentax, Fuji, Sony etc.

Další informace

10 years guarantee
the repair of the broken filter is 50% off of the filters current price for the members of VFFOTO club
this magnetic system is not compatible with VFFOTO "classic" screwing filters


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