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VFFOTO products Titanium filters

Titanium filters

You instantly see all types, diameters and prices of VFFOTO TITANIUM EDITION photographic filters!

Titanium UV filter VFFOTOChoose with one click!

Why are VFFOTO photographic filters with a titanium frame so popular?

Because they represents the best filter at all, that we can offer  for a truly demanding customer. They combine the highest quality optical glass and the unmatched properties of titanium as the ideal material for the photo filter frame.

About Titanium

Chemical element, symbol Ti. Gray to silver-white metal, discovered at the end of the eighteenth century. It is relatively hard and extremely corrosion resistant. Very light, the density is only 4.50 g per cm3. It melts at 1667 oC. Metal titanium is extremely chemically inert, it does not participate in the metabolism of living organisms. Therefore it is used in medicine and jewelery. Titanium as a durable non-allergenic metal is excellent for surgical instruments, implants and health-safe jewelry. Mechanical strength and low weight of titanium are predestined for use in aerospace technology, it is indeed "cosmic material".
Perhaps the only disadvantage of titanium is the price. Although it is the seventh most widespread metal in the earth's crust, its production in pure form is considerably expensive. Also, machining is more demanding.

Titanium is the dream material for a photo filter frame: Extremely lightweight, hard, great to withstand corrosion (even in salty sea water - do not need to try), yet harmless for allergy sufferers. The biggest advantage for photographers is that titanium filter resists very well from freezing. In practice, when shooting in the most adverse weather conditions (winter mountains, snow, freezing rain, frost ...), the filter will not froze on the lens.

VFFOTO offers titanium filters probably as the only European and one of the few world manufacturers.

Do you really want the best in the world of photographic filters? Equip your lens with a VFFOTO titanium filter!

Why choose the VFFOTO Titanium Edition filter?

  • lightweight, strong, durable and corrosion resistant frame
  • safe for allergy sufferers
  • the best optical glass
  • effective antireflective layers
  • new nano layers for easy cleaning
  • 10 years warranty

If you need advice, don´t hesitate contact us via e-mail on the address: info@vffoto.com. You can also find more information about these filters in our website: www.fotofiltry.eu.

Our range of VFFOTO Titanium Edition filters

product/diameter 72 mm 77 mm 82 mm
UV GS TI € 74.00 € 88.40 € 108.80
ND 8x GS TI € 147.20 € 153.60
ND 16x GS TI € 147.20
ND 64x GS TI € 130.40 € 147.20 € 153.60
ND 1000x GS TI € 130.40 € 147.20 € 153.60
ND 2000x GS TI € 130.40 € 147.20 € 153.60
ND 32000x GS TI € 133.20 € 144.40 € 158.80
Night Sky GS TI € 152.00 € 152.00 € 180.00
After clicking on the filter price you will be redirected straight to the e-shop www.vffoto.com.

Basic parameters of titanium filters VFFOTO:
- titanium edition GS - premium Schott N-BK7 glass or premium ND glass with minimal color shift, slim frame made of titanium, 7 + 7 anti-reflective layers, 3 nanolayers, for lenses with a focal length of 18-800 mm (FF), 1x FREE replacement of damaged filter glass.