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Night Sky filters VFFOTO

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ND  filtr 320000x VFFOTO 77 mm ANHow can the Night Sky filter help you get perfect night shots?

Night Sky is a special filter designed to reduce light pollution when shooting landscapes under night sky and night spots. At the same time, it highlights red tones and is therefore also useful for nature and landscape photography, especially in autumn colors.

A little theory:

Night Sky filter returns the stars to the sky

Light pollution appears in the photographs as a yellow to orangeish haze that brightens the black of the sky. It decreases the contrast between bright stars and a dark background, the weaker stars disappear. The Night Sky filter removes most of the yellow to orange light (with a maximum between 580-590 nm of wavelength), darkening the sky and increasing the contrast and visibility of the stars even in areas with light pollution. It filters out a significant fraction of yellow light in particular, shifting colors to cooler shades, highlighting red and removing, depending on the version, about 0.3-0.6 EV from transmitted light.

An advantage over the additional removal of a colored light curtain in the computer? The filter on the lens filters out a yellow tint before the sensor and therefore non-destructive. Editing the captured images on a PC always means sacrificing some of the captured image information.

The construction is a didymium filter, that is, a filter with a base of optical glass with a coating of a mixture of two metals neodymium and praseodymium. A high quality didymium filter has no noticeable effect on the sharpness of the drawing and details.

Do not worry about light pollution. Choose uncompromising quality, popular with professional photographers - VFFOTO Night Sky filter!

  • the brass frame minimizes the risk of the filter "biting"
  • first-class optical glass
  • effective antireflective layers
  • latest nanolayers for easy cleaning
  • 10 year warranty

We are currently producing Night Sky Filters in professional quality GOLDEN SERIES (GS).
If you need advice, please contact us by email at: info@vffoto.com. Learn more about these filters at www.fotofiltry.eu.

name/diameter 67 mm 72 mm 77 mm 82 mm 95x1 mm

Overview of Night Sky Filters VFFOTO

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Night Sky filter GS € 94,00 € 100,00 € 109,20 € 129,40 € 242,00

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