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polarizing filter screw polarizing filters VFFOTO polarizing filter VFFOTO Colours of Nature PS 77 mm
Photos shooting by this filter:
product code: VFFOTO168

polarizing filter VFFOTO Colours of Nature PS 77 mm

  • optical glass of high quality
  • loss of the light only 1.66 EV
  • the latest nanolayers
  • 14 antireflective layers of high quality
  • Japanese polarizing foil of high quality

  • Warranty (years): 10
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Detail information

Polarizing filter Colours of Nature (CoN) is a special version of the circular polarizing filter, designed especially for photographers of nature, plants, animals. Compared to a common polarizing filter, the CoN CPL selectively removes more wavelengths around 580 nm, a yellow portion of the light spectrum It compensates warming of the colors and also emphasize some tones, especially green and red. These are brighter and more intense in the picture. At the same time, the overall color tuning changes very little, only.

It fully preserves the benefits of the polarizing filter: highlights the clouds, removes the glitter from the leaves of the plants and from the water surface and filters out the invisible "haze" of reflected daylight polarized light, thereby improving the rendering of all the colors. CPL Filter Colours of Nature is in color temperature compared to a conventional polarization filter, neutral to mildly cooling. The strength of the effect can be adjusted through rotation the front part of the filter. The power of the effect varies also according to the camera's position relative to the direction of the sunlight rays. When set plarizing filter to a weak filtering effect, there is a relatively larger shift to cold shades. In the maximum effect position, the filter is almost colour neutral.

VFFOTO polarizing filters marked like as PREMIUM SERIES are developed, designed and completed in the Czech Republic. The components are being produced in China.
Not only that they are equipped with 14 antireflective layers (7 on each side), but also they contain the new 3+3 nanolayers with the most developed functions: improved resistance to scratching, water-resistance, improved resistance to grease, easier cleaning.
Filters of this series are designated especially for digitals cameras, but they can also be used for classical cine film reflex cameras.
All of the polarizing filters of this series are produced using the first-class polarizing foil, coming from the Japanese company Nitto and only the first-rate optical glass Schott B270 (more information about this glass can be found here).

polarizing filter VFFOTO Colours of Nature PS 77 mm - specifications
 used glass Schott and special optical glass
 polarizing foil is sealed up all over its surface yes
 polarizing foil is sealed up on the sides  yes 
 black frame of the glass  yes 
 thickness of the glass  0.9 mm
 material of the frame aluminium alloy
 height of the frame after screwing in  5.2 mm - slim
 number of antireflective layers  14 (7+7)
 nanolayers yes
 weight of the filter  34 g
 use of ordinary lens cap  yes
 rear thread M 77 x 0.75 mm
 frontal thread  yes
 loss of the light  1.66 EV
 HD quality yes

Příklad použití Colours of Nature polarizačního filtru VFFOTO. Vlevo snímek orchideje Goodyera repens mezi spadaným podzimním listím pořízený bez filtru. Uprostřed s filtrem CoN CPL VFFOTO a vpravo s běžným polarizačním filtrem. Za povšimnutí stojí, že CoN CPL filtr nejen oživil barvy listí a odstranil z nich odlesky, ale také dodal přirozenou barvu sivozeleným stonkům i sněhobílým květům orchideje. Běžný oteplující polarizační filtr odstraní odlesky ve stejné míře, ale posunuje barvy ke žluté.
Všechny ukázky jsou jpg přímo z fotoaparátu, kromě zmenšení bez jakýchkoliv dalších úprav.

Compare the image without (left) and with the Colours of Nature polarizing filter (right):

Compare the same image without (left) and with the Colours of Nature polarizing filter (right) - detail:

Compare the effect of the polarizing filter (left) and the Colours of Nature polarizing filter (right):

Why you should decide for the polarizing filter VFFOTO PS:
14 (7+7) antireflective layers of high quality = minimization of reflections and improved contrast,
 2. closing external treatment on the filter using nanolayers = resistance against water, scratching and impurities, easy cleaning,
 3. original optical glass Schott of high quality = it preserves even the finest details of the contours without having an impact on sharpness,
 4. polarizing foil Nitto is sealed up all over its surface and on the sides = protection of the polarizing foil against humidity and unfavourable effects, the polarizing foil is perfectly tightened between the glasses which provides a great quality of the photo,
 5. wide extension of the focal points 17-800 mm (after recalculating on full frame) = universal use, suitable for ultrawide angle lenses as well as for telephoto lenses,
 6. a special hydrophobic treatment causes that the water drops are not spilling over but they are forming balls = the drop slips from surface by itself or it can be blowed out using the blowing balloon,
 7. the filter is made out of glass which means it doesn´t create statics electricity = it doesn´t magnetize dust,
 8. excellent price-quality ratio = a satisfied customer who will turn back,
 9. precisely manufactured = reliability,
10. slight color shift to "cold" and highlighting green and red colors = feeling more faithful colors especially in pictures of nature,
11. 10 years guarantee - the final quality check of each piece takes place in the Czech Republic.

VFFOTO´s recommendation: 
This filter can be recommended even for the best lenses with the focal length of 17-800 mm (recalculated on full frame) from companies such as Canon, Nikon, Carl-Zeiss, Hasselblad, Olympus, Pentax, Fuji, Sony etc.

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a special sealing CPL foil
10 years guarantee
the repair of the broken filter is 50% off of the filters current price for the members of VFFOTO club

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