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Picture of the category ND 1000x

ND 1000x

Strong ND filter, particularly suitable for landscape and long exposure

The ND 1000x VFFOTO filter is used for an unusual sky with cloudy clouds of long exposure, as well as an interesting blur of water motion.

  • small color shift
  • light loss - 10 EV
  • quality anti-reflective layers and the nano-layers for easy cleaning

Produkty v kategorii

ND filter 1000x VFFOTO MC 62 mm

  • optical glass of high quality
  • minimal colour shift
  • the latest nanolayers
  • 12 antireflective layers
  • low frame made of aluminium alloy
€ 55,60
without VAT € 45,95

ND filter 1000x VFFOTO GS 82 mm

  • first class optical glass
  • minimal colour shift
  • the latest nanolayers
  • 14 antireflective layers
  • design frame made of brass alloy
€ 94,40
without VAT € 78,02