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filter accessories cleaning lenspen VFFOTO 3 in 1
product code: VFFOTO376

lenspen VFFOTO 3 in 1

lenspen not only for VFFOTO filters

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Detail information

The VFFOTO (lenspen) 3 in 1 cleaning brush is specially designed for lenses, photo filters and camera viewfinders. On one side is a fine brush to remove coarser dirt and dust. On the other hand, there are two rotating (circular and triangular) segments with a flexible cleaning surface used to remove grease, fingerprints, etc. on surfaces of different shapes.

Instructions for use:
First, use a pull-out brush to remove dust and other debris from the lens or filter being cleaned. Then turn the lid on the other side and remove it. Clean the flexible cleaning head with gentle circular movements over the entire lens or filter, then replace the cap and turn it. The cleaning tip will thus be refilled with carbon from the storage sponge on the underside of the lid. If stubborn dirt and stains still remain on the surface, use VFFOTO filter cleaning fluid and a cleaning cloth. You can repeat the cleaning.
Never use the cleaning head on a wet object - moisture will "knock down" the carbon and the tool will be destroyed, so always dry the filter or lens thoroughly with a cloth before cleaning.
The triangular cleaning head is handled similarly.

Always keep the brush clean, otherwise the filter or lens may be damaged!

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Vladimír Fučík (VFFOTO) is not responsible for damage to the filter or lens by improper use of the cleaning brush.

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