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About us VFFOTO and the environment

VFFOTO and the environment

At VFFOTO, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment and we try to behave with maximum care.

What does it mean in practice?

  • We strive to serve VFFOTO products, thanks to quality materials and honest processing, for as long as possible. This is our 10-year warranty.
  • We produce maximum photographic filters and other products from recyclable materials (glass, brass, aluminum…)
  • VFFOTO photographic filters can be repaired if damaged. Therefore, we use the traditional and proven method of securing the glass with a snap ring in the design. Although it is somewhat more demanding for us than the simple (and irreparable) molding of glass into the frame, common with photofilters from other manufacturers. Thanks to this, we offer photographers a repair of a damaged VFFOTO filter, and a 50% discount for members of the “VFFOTO Club”.
  • In packaging, we are gradually changing the previously used plastic boxes to metal, which are more durable and also recyclable.